August 7th-14th 2016 &
August 17th-24th 2016

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Dec 31, 1969:

Welbourne Jazz Camp

A week long music AND dance camp, combining jazz music education alongside traditional jazz dance, tap, and lindy hop education. 
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2016 Dates
Camp Costs
Music & Dance Program Information

Camp Rates
(includes food, lodging, classes, and private lessons)

-- House Rate (to stay in the house): $1600
-- Camping Rate (bring your own tent and gear): $1250
-- Off-Site Rate (if you are housing yourself, not on Welbourne Farm property): $1000

Important Things To Know
All levels in both music and dance welcome!
FREE Private Lessons included in tuition! (Yes! Free!)
Week 1 dance focus is solo dances only.
Week 2 dance focus is both partner and solo.

How many of each instrument do you accept per week?
 3 of each instrument per week
(piano, bass, guitar, banjo, violin, bass, tuba, trumpet, trombone, clarinet, sax)
4 lead vocalists
2 drums/washboard/percussion
 Other instruments that may be accepted.
(examples; ukuleles, mandolins, accordions, etc)

How is each week different?
Each week is more or less the same for the music program.
Week 1's dance program will focus on solo dances in group classes; tap, solo jazz & blues, chorus girl/guy routines, backing up a featured dancer, costume tips, collaborating with bands for performances, etc. Private lessons can be used for either solo or partner dancing.  It doesn't have to just be solo. There will also be partner dancing at night while people jam on the porch. There will still be lots of partner dance happening.
Week 2's dance program will focus on both solo and partner dances as usual. Tap is only available week 1.

I'm a beginning dancer/I'm a beginning musician. Will I fit in?
Do I need to know more before I show up?
Our camp is truly for all levels!
Beginning dancers looking to focus their studies on partnered swing dances will be placed in week 2 only. There will not be partner dance classes in week 1.

The Welbourne Beignet - A Jazz Age Lawn Party!
Saturday Aug 13th 2016
(A ticket to this party is included in the camp fee for week 1.)

Welbourne Jazz Camp is a traditional jazz music & dance camp, located one hour from DC in the picturesque Virginia countryside. Participants of all experience levels will spend a week learning from, and jamming with, professional swing dancers and traditional jazz musicians from New Orleans, New York, and beyond.

We welcome aspiring jazz musicians and swing dancers of ANY SKILL LEVEL, from total beginners to truly advanced.


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 Welbourne Jazz Farmers


We would like to extend our deepest thanks and gratitude to the Morison family for their love and support of Traditional Jazz and for taking a chance on this project.  Welbourne Jazz Camp would not be possible without them.  We are blessed and honored to know these wonderful people.