Traditional Jazz
Music & Dance Camp
August 14th-21st 2014

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Dec 31, 1969:

Welbourne Jazz Camp
A week long music AND dance camp, combining jazz music education alongside traditional jazz dance and lindy hop education.

AUGUST 14th-21st 2014


NOTE: If we fill up our Aug 14-21st week, we will open up another week on Aug 4th-11th. If you cannot make it the 14th-21st, but are interested in Aug 4-11th, please send us an email IMMEDIATELY.  The more emails we get with interest, the more likely we are to make it happen. welbournejazzcamp@gmail.com

Welbourne Jazz Camp is a traditional jazz music & dance camp, located one hour from DC in the picturesque Virginia countryside. Participants of all experience levels will spend a week learning from, and jamming with, professional swing dancers and traditional jazz musicians from New Orleans, New York, and beyond.

We welcome aspiring jazz musicians and swing dancers of ANY SKILL LEVEL, from total beginners to truly advanced.


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We would like to extend our deepest thanks and gratitude to the Morison family for their love and support of Traditional Jazz and for taking a chance on this project.  Welbourne Jazz Camp would not be possible without them.  We are blessed and honored to know these wonderful people.